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News:Phil Hellmuth bringt Dealer zum Weinen

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Phil Hellmuth „out of line“?

24. September 2008, 14:33 — Phil Hellmuth brachte laut pokernews.com[1] kurz vor seinem Ausscheiden im zweiten Turnier der World Series of Poker Europe 2008 eine Dealerin zum Weinen, nachdem er sie kritisiert hatte. Von offizieller Seite wurde er vom Turnierdirektor dafür verwarnt. Nach seinem Ausscheiden in zwölfter Position wenig später wurde dies aber obsolet.

Das Turnier war Hellmuths 69. money finish auf der WSOP. Heute spielt er das Omaha-Turnier.

Darstellung von Hellmuth

„Also, from then on I was way too negative, and the internet reported that I made a dealer cry! Well, I don't think so, but it is possible. I told the dealer, "I'm not mad at you, but you need to release the deck before you cut the cards, every time!" [Releasing the deck prevents stacking the deck.] I told her to do it again and again, and for the record I tell every dealer the same thing. But I was aggravated, agitated, frustrated, emotional, and negative, and maybe she did take it personally. I lost almost $100,000 in chips in the last hour, and then on my final hand-with one minute left on the clock for Day two--for the first time in two days I was all in with A-K in Hold'em vs 3-3, and the cards came off like this K-Q-J-6-3! For sure I was out of line with the floor people, and probably the dealer, and I need to apologize, and I pledge to bring them all bottles of Dom Perignon tonight when I come in to play the Pot Limit Omaha tournament.“
Phil Hellmuth


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